Woman is not a feeling

Being a woman means being an adult female human being. I am not an identity or an idea in some guy’s head.


I went to college in the early 90s, and I was exposed to all sorts of crazy (albeit compelling) post-modern theory. It was fun to think about, even to apply – to literature, to film, sometimes to politics. But if one had told the nineteen-year-old dyke I was that someday, in the not-so-distant-future, these ideas (best engaged in the hallowed halls of academia) would be applied in very serious ways to women’s existence, lesbian’s existence, I wouldn’t have believed it.

In fact, this is exactly what has happened in the dominant culture. We have taken post-modern theory and applied it to a subjugated class (women). We say, with straight faces, “Anyone can be a woman!” We say, without stuttering, “A man is a woman if he says so.” What we then are to infer is that “woman” is a meaningless term – a concept, a malleable notion, a bit of…

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Redefining Realness by Janet Mock: A Book Review

The very screwed up Janet Mock gets a healthy dose of analysis and a reality check from the Liberation Collective.

Liberation Collective

-Janet Mock, Author of Redefining Realness (former title: Fish Food)- -Janet Mock, Author of Redefining Realness-

Janet Mock is a transwoman author who has strong opinions on gender and the sex industry shared in this memoir. Mock discusses many topics, but this review will cover five: essentialism, the term “cis”, the term “fish”, hormone blockers for children, and the sex industry.

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Pro-Censorship Trans Whacktivists and Friends


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Apparently, even within the trans* club, committing the thought-crime of writing and publishing something which fails to meet the group-think gate keepers standards will goad them into calling for you to be silenced, no-platformed, censored, etc. I guess we don’t need no stinking independent thought or debate in Western democracies anymore? We just need to ask these folks what it is OK for us to think and say?

(Good luck with that! Meh.)


From the linked (see above) blog post (free thought my arse):

Lauren McNamara, defense witness, United States v. Manning
Amelia June Gapin, software engineer
Thorin Sorensen, activist and writer
Katherine Prevost, software developer, Carnegie Mellon University
Anne Cognito, activist and author
Kat Haché
Andrea Borquez Brito, law school graduate
Sarah Brown, politician and trans woman
Kristina Foster
Teri Dawn Wright, student, activist
Lauren Voswinkel, software developer
Bobbi Joseph, activist
Dr. Mirah Gary, physicist
Vivian Doug, public speaker and systems analyst
Breanna Clayton, web content strategist
Danielle White, SAS Platform Administrator
Rachel Ripstra, software engineer
Jessica Reardon Smith
Kimberly Horne, software developer
Josephine Doggett, artist
Dr. Aoife Emily Hart, lecturer
April Daniels, writer
Morgan Smith, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies student and activist
Sabine, activist
Chelsea Tera Boyhan, field support engineer
Fallon Fox, Mixed Martial Arts fighter
Sophia Banks
Sarah Foreman, activist and software developer
Josefina Vineyard, graphic designer
Rebecca Hargate, software developer, University student
Schell Carpenter, Vice President of Engineering
Kayley Whalen, trans activist
Carol Holly, Scientist and Global Business Development Manager
Erika Sorensen, software developer
Laurelai Bailey, journalist for TransAdvocate.com
Emily L Kwolek, activist
Adele Sheffield, social media manager, web editor
Winter Hardin, student
Skye Arixe
Melissa Savage, activist
Dana Lane Taylor, TransAdvocate.com, University of Pennsylvania
Rhianne Stevens, lecturer, activist and Transgender Support Group Officer
Willow Dobmeier
Katie Anderson, software engineer
Chelsea Richards, emergency medical responder
Emily Prince, Esq.
Morgan Rose, artist
Casey Coughlin, student
Zoe Gagnon, software engineer and activist
Kathryn Anna Fortunato, IT systems administrator and activist
Rebecca Putman
Ellie Green, artist
Coda Gardner
Jayska Teag
Eleven, filmmaker and writer
Alisha G, information technology
Greta Gustava Martela, software engineer and TGSF board member
Nina Chaubal, software engineer
Annetta Gaiman, trans feminist
Diane Tejera Monaco, scientist and educator
Alex Ray, web admin
Claire Siegely
Ally Clarke
Aria Smith
Devi Smith
Bethany Turner, market researcher and webcomic author/artist
Cristan Williams, Senior Editor for the TransAdvocate
Madison Turner, singer/songwriter
Rabbi Emily Aviva Kapor, author and activist
Amy A. Dobrowolsky, trans feminist geographer
Autumn Sandeen, Editor for The TransAdvocate
Christina Ann-Marie DiEdoardo, Esq., criminal defense attorney
Melissa Jensen, sex worker
Octavia Reising
Naomi Ceder, IT director, Pythonista, advocate
Kris Simon, disability, gender, and sexuality activist
K.L. Tremaine, author and publisher, Artemis Flight Books
Kelli Anne Busey, contributor TransAdvocate, blogger planetransgender, activist
Serana Storey
Kylie Brooks, gender, disability, race and sexuality activist
Amber Dawn Redman, International Media / Commercial Aviation / Communications / Equality Journalist
Reverend Erin Fish, Professional Twitterer
Sarah Noble, transgender and equality activist, university student
Paige Sullivan, software engineer, trans* activist, wife, and parent
Amélie Erin Koran, Executive Office of the President of the United States (Detailee) & President of U.S. Department of the Interior GLOBE
Morgan Mullaney, software engineer
Lisa Harney
Meryl Scarlett Fortney
Dani Pettas, videographer/advertising creative
Forth Sadler, queer transwoman
Ayasha Pope, writer and musician
Sara Ross, activist and game developer
Kylie Jack, ux designer, activist
Kathryn Long, technical artist and software engineer
Kaitlyn Richardson, system administrator
Hannah Cutler, archaeologist
Miranda Lukeman
Karin Engström
Harriet de Kok, student, aged care personal care worker
Freja Falson, student, writer, and trans feminist
Shadi Petosky, creative director
Jennifer Kitney, student chef
Megan Danielle Turcotte, software developer
Annie Mei Shen
Lauren Moffatt PhD, Professor of Physics
Rani Baker, destroyedforcomfort.com, noise musician/freelance artist
Amy Wilhelm, trans activist, network engineer
Amoreena Crees, interior design
Zoey Marie Bedenbaugh, student, writer
Dominica Deal
Eva Odland, IT worker/author
Mara Emily
Phoenix Lee
Katherine Cutting
Cassidy Drake
Drew Stroud, web and game developer
Amara Sugalski, geneticist
A.J. Hunter, activist and writer
Rhea Vichot, graduate student
Trinity Pixie, blogger
The Right Honourable Max, Lairde Harmony
Dr. Myriam J. Johnson, physicist
Charley Matz, trans lesbian artist
Jess Rowbottom, IT consultant
Zoė Alexandra Adams, physics student and trans woman
Frida Viñas, Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya architecture student
Sabrina Kane, Elections Project Officer
Maria Ramnehill, transfeminist
Addie C.
Rebecca Turner, software engineer
Colin Sandel, indie games developer
Anathema Jane McKenna, journalist and poet
Stephanie Springflower, self-employed bookkeeper
Michelle Emily Cloud, student, poet & lyricist, musician
Julie Rei Goldstein, Actress / Voice Over Artist
Samantha Llywela Thornton, photo technician, student
Alice Wilde, drafter
Erin Susan Jennings, trans liberation activist
Jessica Ferguson, Sr. Information Security Manager
Alison Chan, advanced networks researcher, uni student, LGBT student leader
Jessica Fay Speed, artist/postwoman
Henry-Katherine H., student
D.J. Freedman, MSW, queer social worker
Michelle Spicer, BA, Writer/Activist
Jennifer Lavender Winn, seamstress
Alyssa C. Smith, student, activist
Alice T., comedian
Aurora Michelle Danes, activist and nursing student
Jenna Stewart, student
Jennifer Caitlín Eller, English teacher and writer
Sarah Spohn, system administrator
Jasmine Erricka Glenn
Alexie Scanlon, activist
Christina Kahrl, sportswriter and activist
Amy Rebecca Boyer, Software Architect
Dee Emm Elms
Androgyne Partridge, noise musician, graphic designer
Emily Joh Miller, student/writer/musician
Chloe Skedgell, web developer
Stephanie Wilson, retired, civil engineer, program manager
Natalie Roman, web developer, LGBT youth mentor
Rowan Davis, student
Chris Malarky, IT professional
Laine DeLaney, transwoman, author, columnist, activist, and community organizer
Maddy Love, podcaster and clinical laboratorian
Marja Erwin
Danni Shochet, Director of Information Systems, Vice Chair Raleigh Transgender Initiative
Clare Davis, bookkeeper
Jane Natoli, Financial Crimes Consultant
Amy Roberts, writer, game designer, software QA
Danielle Burgess, web developer
Sophie Taylor, aerospace engineer
S. Allen, charity worker
Elizabeth Rossiter, software engineer
Emilie Geary, trans advocate
Sarah Savage, activist and writer
Julie Harper Lynch, registered nurse
Roberta Joanna Manners, software engineer
Rachel S. Adelhyde, writer and activist
Cadence Valentine, board member of Transgender Leadership Council, co-chair and lead organizer of Transgender Leadership Summit, Program Coordinator for Transsafetycounts, secretary of Transgender Service Providers Network
Johanna Wolf, game developer
Alexandra Robin Clodge, software engineer/activist
Juli-Ann Richmond, Kind Hearted House Sitting, pet and plant services
Abby Malson, software developer, transgender woman
Allison Lara Keene, software developer
Janet Logan, software engineer and transgender woman
Katherine Norcross, molecular biologist and artist
Alison Edwards, writer and educator
Rachel Determann, musician, data journalist and engineer
Nicole “Nicky” Roberts, activist, 2013 JCF grantee
Jamie M. Kerrigan, Sales Associate
Kara Johnson, animal rights activist
Inga Hensing, Research Analyst
Margaret Laughlan, Residential Social Worker
Harper Sylvia Sanford, software QA
Victoria Solís Quintillá, student, activist
Alexandra Pitchford, writer, game designer
Skyla Marchel, activist
Ashley Wells, library technician and artist
Zoey Bartlett, research chemist and legal activist
Gemma Seymour, Sorciére Itinérant, Writer, and Activist
Jennifer Mason
Donna Levinsohn, attorney and activist
Elizabeth Flanagan, Trans/Geek Feminist
Madison Rae, HIV Outreach Educator of the Transaction program
Kelley Sullivan, Sales Representative
Nina Yorty, freelance caregiver
Tommilynn Janelle Travis, Customer Support and Sales
Jessica Ottowell, software engineer, small business owner, PR officer for the British Liberal Democrat party
Rye Silverman, comedian and writer
Christina W., Software Engineer
A. Mani, Researcher (Math, Logic, Rough Sets), Trans Feminist
Sara Hughes, college student information systems analyst and project manager
Erica Jones, software developer
Michelle Jené Wedge, Writer / Activist
Danielle Newberry, author, culinary engineer
Nuala Shields, retired network engineer, trans activist, human being
Lily Connor, Pagan priestess and nursing student
Miranda Radik
Charlie Hale, student and author
Aisling Fae, college student, physics
Gina Grahame, businesswoman
Laila Villanueva, United States Army Nurse – currently silently serving on Active Duty

The Endless CENSORSHIP of Females by the Trans Borg


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Tens of thousands of actual (real) females are having our voices muzzled and our posts censored by the (primarily) males of the trans* borg and their enablers.

We might as well be living in North Korea or Iran.

Somehow, the horrifyingly oppressive nature of the current/fad trans* cultists isn’t apparent to many (most?) feminist women UNTIL we try to post something even mildly trans-critical on-line. Then we get the ice-water-to-the-face realization that comes with having our post(s) moderated into oblivion. Intelligent, compassionate females who believe in human rights for ourselves and our female sisters (aka feminists) will be surprised to see our post “disappeared” and try to post again — and get moderated into oblivion again.

Then we’ll post again…and get silenced AGAIN.

Then we start to wake up and smell the revolting stench of outright censorship of female voices being perpetrated by MALES. Same oppressors, different outfits.

Hello? What century is this? Where am I living? I thought we were done with muzzling female political speech in Western democracies. Isn’t there something about this in the U.S. Constitution? Don’t we live by principles and values which boil down to “the antidote for speech you don’t like is MORE speech”?


Case in point (one of THOUSANDS over the past few years): there were over a hundred comments on this post on the Daily Mail last night before I went to bed. MOST of them were trans-critical without being violent, obscene, inciting or in any other way unacceptable free political speech. This morning there are fewer than 40 posts visible and ALL of them range from trans-positive to outright fawning over the subject of the article:


What kind of MONSTERS go around putting metaphorical duct tape over feminist women’s mouths and metaphorically tie our hands behind our backs to insure that NO ONE gets to read/hear our point of view?

I’ll tell you what kind of monsters: the anti-female, anti-feminist MALE trans* cultists and their gender-worshiping enablers.

None of them deserve citizenship in a free country. They should all be shipped off to a dictatorship and find out what it feels like to live someplace where only ONE point of view is allowed to be aired.

Infantile, narcissistic, delusional, porn-soaked, gender-role-worshipping male CRETINS in lady-drag and their ignorant, weak-willed, submissive enablers are being allowed to muzzle feminist women. In 2014.

Alarm bells about this should be ringing in every feminist mind on the planet!!!

Denver State Women’s Wellness Center now to offer cervical cancer screenings to men who feel like they are female


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GenderTrender has a great thread right now about males with delusions of gender sucking up medical resources dedicated to screening actual women for breast cancer and cervical cancer. Males with gender delusions do NOT have a cervix, even after surgery, and they do NOT need screening for cervical cancer. This is insanity and a gross imposition on rational female gynecologists and nursing staff. This is the legalized sexual abuse of female medical personnel, who have a right to choose a profession or sub-specialty which does NOT involve looking at delusional males’ butts or pretending that these men have real female bodies.


I recently fired a female gynecologist who hired one of these faux females as her intake nurse. He was flouncing around in nightclub wear (chandelier earrings, mini-skirt, six-inch stilettos, fake lashes, half-inch talons painted black, big hair, yada-yada) while every, single REAL woman on-premises was wearing no make-up, scrubs, sensible flat lace-up nursing shoes, nails clipped short (for ease of washing and wearing surgical gloves), hair either short or pulled back in a no-nonsense pony, etc.

He was definitely the 6’4″ fox in the hen house and I refuse to give him the satisfaction of pretending along with him that he’s female or that he belongs working in an all-female environment serving all-female patients. I don’t know what my doctor was thinking but if she’s willing to hire someone delusional in a critically important role within her medical practice? Then she can play along with gender idiots without MY participation.

No way, no how.

‘Cis’ is hate speech. Don’t use it.


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Am I correct in assuming that this nonsensical list of “genders” on Facebook now excludes the true sex of homo sapiens sapiens:

Female vs. Male?

The following are the 58 gender options identified by ABC News:

  • Agender
  • Androgyne
  • Androgynous
  • Bigender
  • Cis
  • Cisgender
  • Cis Female
  • Cis Male
  • Cis Man
  • Cis Woman
  • Cisgender Female
  • Cisgender Male
  • Cisgender Man
  • Cisgender Woman
  • Female to Male
  • FTM
  • Gender Fluid
  • Gender Nonconforming
  • Gender Questioning
  • Gender Variant
  • Genderqueer
  • Intersex
  • Male to Female
  • MTF
  • Neither
  • Neutrois
  • Non-binary
  • Other
  • Pangender
  • Trans
  • Trans*
  • Trans Female
  • Trans* Female
  • Trans Male
  • Trans* Male
  • Trans Man
  • Trans* Man
  • Trans Person
  • Trans* Person
  • Trans Woman
  • Trans* Woman
  • Transfeminine
  • Transgender
  • Transgender Female
  • Transgender Male
  • Transgender Man
  • Transgender Person
  • Transgender Woman
  • Transmasculine
  • Transsexual
  • Transsexual Female
  • Transsexual Male
  • Transsexual Man
  • Transsexual Person
  • Transsexual Woman
  • Two-Spirit

I will NEVER accept using “cis female” or “cis woman” to describe myself or other REAL women. REAL females are not “cis” anything. We’re just females. REAL women are not “cis” anything. We’re just women.

This is the language of oppression and a HIDEOUS insult to women! Being FORCED to use a name for myself which is being inflicted on me as a way of de-legitimizing/erasing my actual sex? By male “transwomen” aka my oppressors within patriarchy?

No farking way.

I was never much of a fan, but I will NEVER use Facebook unless they back off hard on this misogynist insanity.

Gender Myth: Giving people lots and lots of gender choices on Facebook is cool, progressive, open-minded, non-judgmental and empowering! Let’s pick our own pronouns! It’s fun!

Reality: No self-respecting woman wants to have to waste her precious time explaining to gender-obsessed goofs that she is a “natal” or “natural born” or “real” or “bio” or “XX” woman. We have a word for “adult female human being”. It’s woman. Period. We also have a word for our sex. It’s female. Period. We resent the heck out of being under ceaseless barrage from mentally-unstable males with strange gender obsessions. No, these males are not female (I’m looking at you, Mock!), they are not women, they are not one of us, they are not just like us. No, we are not “cis women”. We have serious business to attend do: ending rape, ending femicide, ending the grotesque and egregious oppression of females under patriarchy. We don’t have time or energy to play *gender games* with men in drag. Just…NO.