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Make no mistake.

Never in the history of the world has a male given birth to a living infant from his uterus. There is no such thing as a man with a uterus.

Never in the history of the world has a female ejaculated living, fertile sperm from her penis. There is no such thing as a woman with a penis.

All the gender blather going forth in the world at this peculiar moment in history is just that: gender blather. Ignorance. Confusion. A collective delusion by people who eschew reality.

We do not choose our sex. Two billion years of evolution chooses it for us. There is no such thing as an innate, inborn gender because gender is a social construct overlaid on our natural biological sex. Gender is an artifact of culture, nothing more and nothing less. No one is born with a gender identity; we’re born with a biological sex (see my first post for clarifying definitions.)

When anthropologists dig up our bones in 10,000 years, they will know if we were female or male. The pelvis and sacrum do not lie. They are not swayed by politics, by medical/psychiatric fads – nor fashion, nor cult-think.

Let the genderist sound and fury roil. It will signify nothing in the grand sweep of history.

Gender Myth: People can choose to be male or female or both or neither as an identity.

Reality: We can dress how we like, act how we like, pretend as we like, yell and threaten and beg and kick our heels like two-year-olds having tantrums – but we can never, never, EVER “change” our sex. It is in every cell of our bodies, encoded in our DNA. I’m OK with biological sex. I embrace biological sex. I live by it. Women menstruate. Men have prostates. Women have fallopian tubes. Men have testes. Women have ON AVERAGE less upper-body strength than men ON AVERAGE. It’s OK. Our natural reproductive sex is not the problem for women. The problems start when cultures over-load sex with non-sexual meanings: “a woman’s place is in the home, because: uterus”, “boys are active, girls are passive”, “girls are no good at science”, etc. ad nauseum.

THIS is the problem for women: social gender.

More on gender later.