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Elizabeth Hungerford has been working hard to educate everyone from yours truly to the U.N. about the difference between SEX and GENDER, especially as relates to the current/fad trend of eviscerating women’s hard-won sex-based protections and replacing them with anti-female gender identity laws.

Read her work. Become savvy to the way that intellectually bankrupt notions of gender identity¬†are being used to harm women (biological females) as a class. No minority should be enabled to successfully enact into law a political agenda which destroys the rights of another minority, yet women (biological females) as a class are being directly endangered and harmed by transwomen’s (biological males’) efforts at erasing sex in our laws and replacing it with misogynist ideas of an innate/inborn gender identity.

I for one assert unequivocally that there is no such thing as a gender identity separate from our biological sex. I don’t think I’m female because I have a female gender identity, I AM FEMALE in reality. My genes are female, my reproductive organs are female, the natural symphony of hormones in my body are female, my bone structure is female (not a single male on earth has a pelvis and sacrum like mine), my musculature is female, my skin is female, my throat is female, my hands are female…

In fact, I AM FEMALE, no matter what I think about it. If I were in a coma and incapable of forming an opinion about my identity, I would still be demonstrably, provably female. If Janet Mock’s rational mind had been destroyed during birth due to severe hypoxia, he would still have been a male infant because males are male from conception (XY chromosomes.)

In mammals on Earth, including our species, homo sapiens sapiens, reproductive sex does not exist on a continuum. A healthy, normal human is either male or female. The tiny fraction of people who have birth defects which impact their reproductive organs are intersex, not *trans*.

When we fail to recognize that females have been and continue to be endangered and oppressed within patriarchal societies based upon our reproductive sex, we obscure reality and exacerbate women’s oppression. When trans activists try to erase biological sex from our laws and replace it with fuzzy notions about gender identity, they directly perpetrate harm against females.

While it is obvious to all compassionate people that no trans person should ever be harmed for being trans, the current trans-lead backlash against the rights of real women must be stopped. Trans people cannot be liberated by throwing females under the proverbial bus.