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GenderTrender has a great thread right now about males with delusions of gender sucking up medical resources dedicated to screening actual women for breast cancer and cervical cancer. Males with gender delusions do NOT have a cervix, even after surgery, and they do NOT need screening for cervical cancer. This is insanity and a gross imposition on rational female gynecologists and nursing staff. This is the legalized sexual abuse of female medical personnel, who have a right to choose a profession or sub-specialty which does NOT involve looking at delusional males’ butts or┬ápretending that these men have real female bodies.


I recently fired a female gynecologist who hired one of these faux females as her intake nurse. He was flouncing around in nightclub wear (chandelier earrings, mini-skirt, six-inch stilettos, fake lashes, half-inch talons painted black, big hair, yada-yada) while every, single REAL woman on-premises was wearing no make-up, scrubs, sensible flat lace-up nursing shoes, nails clipped short (for ease of washing and wearing surgical gloves), hair either short or pulled back in a no-nonsense pony, etc.

He was definitely the 6’4″ fox in the hen house and I refuse to give him the satisfaction of pretending along with him that he’s female or that he belongs working in an all-female environment serving all-female patients. I don’t know what my doctor was thinking but if she’s willing to hire someone┬ádelusional in a critically important role within her medical practice? Then she can play along with gender idiots without MY participation.

No way, no how.