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Tens of thousands of actual (real) females are having our voices muzzled and our posts censored by the (primarily) males of the trans* borg and their enablers.

We might as well be living in North Korea or Iran.

Somehow, the horrifyingly oppressive nature of the current/fad trans* cultists isn’t apparent to many (most?) feminist women UNTIL we try to post something even mildly trans-critical on-line. Then we get the ice-water-to-the-face realization that comes with having our post(s) moderated into oblivion. Intelligent, compassionate females who believe in human rights for ourselves and our female sisters (aka feminists) will be surprised to see our post “disappeared” and try to post again — and get moderated into oblivion again.

Then we’ll post again…and get silenced AGAIN.

Then we start to wake up and smell the revolting stench of outright censorship of female voices being perpetrated by MALES. Same oppressors, different outfits.

Hello? What century is this? Where am I living? I thought we were done with muzzling female political speech in Western democracies. Isn’t there something about this in the U.S. Constitution? Don’t we live by principles and values which boil down to “the antidote for speech you don’t like is MORE speech”?


Case in point (one of THOUSANDS over the past few years): there were over a hundred comments on this post on the Daily Mail last night before I went to bed. MOST of them were trans-critical without being violent, obscene, inciting or in any other way unacceptable free political speech. This morning there are fewer than 40 posts visible and ALL of them range from trans-positive to outright fawning over the subject of the article:


What kind of MONSTERS go around putting metaphorical duct tape over feminist women’s mouths and metaphorically tie our hands behind our backs to insure that NO ONE gets to read/hear our point of view?

I’ll tell you what kind of monsters: the anti-female, anti-feminist MALE trans* cultists and their gender-worshiping enablers.

None of them deserve citizenship in a free country. They should all be shipped off to a dictatorship and find out what it feels like to live someplace where only ONE point of view is allowed to be aired.

Infantile, narcissistic, delusional, porn-soaked, gender-role-worshipping male CRETINS in lady-drag and their ignorant, weak-willed, submissive enablers are being allowed to muzzle feminist women. In 2014.

Alarm bells about this should be ringing in every feminist mind on the planet!!!