Elizabeth Hungerford is a National Treasure


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Elizabeth Hungerford has been working hard to educate everyone from yours truly to the U.N. about the difference between SEX and GENDER, especially as relates to the current/fad trend of eviscerating women’s hard-won sex-based protections and replacing them with anti-female gender identity laws.

Read her work. Become savvy to the way that intellectually bankrupt notions of gender identity are being used to harm women (biological females) as a class. No minority should be enabled to successfully enact into law a political agenda which destroys the rights of another minority, yet women (biological females) as a class are being directly endangered and harmed by transwomen’s (biological males’) efforts at erasing sex in our laws and replacing it with misogynist ideas of an innate/inborn gender identity.

I for one assert unequivocally that there is no such thing as a gender identity separate from our biological sex. I don’t think I’m female because I have a female gender identity, I AM FEMALE in reality. My genes are female, my reproductive organs are female, the natural symphony of hormones in my body are female, my bone structure is female (not a single male on earth has a pelvis and sacrum like mine), my musculature is female, my skin is female, my throat is female, my hands are female…

In fact, I AM FEMALE, no matter what I think about it. If I were in a coma and incapable of forming an opinion about my identity, I would still be demonstrably, provably female. If Janet Mock’s rational mind had been destroyed during birth due to severe hypoxia, he would still have been a male infant because males are male from conception (XY chromosomes.)

In mammals on Earth, including our species, homo sapiens sapiens, reproductive sex does not exist on a continuum. A healthy, normal human is either male or female. The tiny fraction of people who have birth defects which impact their reproductive organs are intersex, not *trans*.

When we fail to recognize that females have been and continue to be endangered and oppressed within patriarchal societies based upon our reproductive sex, we obscure reality and exacerbate women’s oppression. When trans activists try to erase biological sex from our laws and replace it with fuzzy notions about gender identity, they directly perpetrate harm against females.

While it is obvious to all compassionate people that no trans person should ever be harmed for being trans, the current trans-lead backlash against the rights of real women must be stopped. Trans people cannot be liberated by throwing females under the proverbial bus.



Make No Mistake


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Make no mistake.

Never in the history of the world has a male given birth to a living infant from his uterus. There is no such thing as a man with a uterus.

Never in the history of the world has a female ejaculated living, fertile sperm from her penis. There is no such thing as a woman with a penis.

All the gender blather going forth in the world at this peculiar moment in history is just that: gender blather. Ignorance. Confusion. A collective delusion by people who eschew reality.

We do not choose our sex. Two billion years of evolution chooses it for us. There is no such thing as an innate, inborn gender because gender is a social construct overlaid on our natural biological sex. Gender is an artifact of culture, nothing more and nothing less. No one is born with a gender identity; we’re born with a biological sex (see my first post for clarifying definitions.)

When anthropologists dig up our bones in 10,000 years, they will know if we were female or male. The pelvis and sacrum do not lie. They are not swayed by politics, by medical/psychiatric fads – nor fashion, nor cult-think.

Let the genderist sound and fury roil. It will signify nothing in the grand sweep of history.

Gender Myth: People can choose to be male or female or both or neither as an identity.

Reality: We can dress how we like, act how we like, pretend as we like, yell and threaten and beg and kick our heels like two-year-olds having tantrums – but we can never, never, EVER “change” our sex. It is in every cell of our bodies, encoded in our DNA. I’m OK with biological sex. I embrace biological sex. I live by it. Women menstruate. Men have prostates. Women have fallopian tubes. Men have testes. Women have ON AVERAGE less upper-body strength than men ON AVERAGE. It’s OK. Our natural reproductive sex is not the problem for women. The problems start when cultures over-load sex with non-sexual meanings: “a woman’s place is in the home, because: uterus”, “boys are active, girls are passive”, “girls are no good at science”, etc. ad nauseum.

THIS is the problem for women: social gender.

More on gender later.

Three Reasons Why I Love My Vagina


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I have not always lived in peaceful coexistence with my vagina.

For one thing, it is the place that rapists are forever threatening. It’s like carrying around a purse full of gold coins that you can’t lock in a safety deposit box and ignore. Guarding the darn thing is exhausting sometimes. I wish I could just put up a sign like the ones you see on convenience stores in marginal neighborhoods:

“Clerk does not have keys to vagina.”

“Seriously dudes,” I want to say, “you’ll have to wait until the Vagina Bank and Trust opens on Monday morning and then you’d better have two pieces of photo ID and the key or you’ll never get in.”

Then there was the whole bleeding off and on for forty-four years thing. Forty-four years.

44. Years.

Erratic, irregular, messy, painful. That wasn’t much fun, nor was the near-constant anemia, the double-murder-suicide PMS, the breakouts, the ruined sheets, towels and clothing. But why blame the messenger? It wasn’t my vagina’s fault that my ovaries and uterus were at war with the rest of me. For FORTY-FOUR YEARS. Ahem.

Now that I’ve got my (imaginary but hard-won) 10th degree black belt in vagina defense and my periods are vanishing into the dim mists of ancient history, I’ve decided to make peace with my vagina, nay, to openly and unabashedly adore my vagina. Here are three reasons why I love my vagina:

1) It never requires an upgrade. I have the same vagina I was issued over a half-century ago, and other than some natural growth in the early years, it’s served me well as-is for over 50 years. How many cars, computers, winter coats, shoes, etc. have I gone through in the same time-frame? Don’t even get me started on telephones! Meanwhile my Vagina 1.0 is still serviceable, still as delightfully useful as it was when I was 17 or 27 or 37. I don’t have to buy it new laces or get it resoled either. It was built to last;

2) It’s self-cleaning! I don’t have to do a thing to it except rinse off the outside opening with some fresh, clean water – I was taking a shower anyway, so this is no problem. I don’t have to dust it, scrub it, paint it, wax it – no upkeep! It doesn’t get tarnished like my sterling silver earrings. It doesn’t require re-stitching like the seams of my best sweaters. No trips to the Vagina Dry Cleaners. No applying little brass pieces to prevent wear at the corners. Now that I’ve stopped blaming it for the misspent youth of my uterus, I realize that vagina upkeep is so easy it’s practically miraculous.

3) It has never yet betrayed me. My eyes are dimming. My memory is not as great as it used to be. My joints are not willing to cooperate when stairs are before them. My hair is brittle and thinning – ditto my nails. But my vagina is still an innie, still as functional as it was the first time I requested its cooperation with my schemes. It has been a stalwart, muscular, juicy and lively organ for all these years, giving and receiving love with tremendous responsiveness, for which I am very grateful.

Gender Myth: Women hate their female bodies. We’re ashamed of our vaginas. We feel this overwhelming need to douche with commercial preparations that smell like chemical facsimiles of flowers, herbs and/or fruits. We think our vaginas are yucky.

Reality:  If you’ve had a vagina from birth, perhaps you’ll understand what I mean when I say, “For all that she is, for all that she has given me, I love my vagina.”

Women of Iraq are in Mourning


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(Reuters) – 8-Mar-2014 – BY SUADAD AL-SALHY – BAGDAD – About two dozen Iraqi women demonstrated on Saturday in Baghdad against a draft law approved by the Iraqi cabinet that would permit the marriage of nine-year-old girls and automatically give child custody to fathers.

The group’s protest was on International Women’s Day and a week after the cabinet voted for the legislation, based on Shi’ite Islamic jurisprudence, allowing clergy to preside over marriages, divorces and inheritances. The draft now goes to parliament.

“On this day of women, women of Iraq are in mourning,” the protesters shouted.

“We believe that this is a crime against humanity,” said Hanaa Eduar, a prominent Iraqi human rights activist. “It would deprive a girl of her right to live a normal childhood.”

What kind of monster thinks it’s OK to “marry” a nine-year-old girl and then rape her? I refuse to dignify the act by calling the consummation of marriage to a child anything but rape.

This is patriarchy in action. This. Make no mistake, women and girls don’t want this. From a purely physical perspective, we know how tiny and fragile a nine-year-old girl’s vagina is. We know that even if she has gone through puberty (a highly unlikely event) then her pelvis will still be so small that a pregnancy will very-likely kill her. We know that these will be arranged marriages to fully-grown males, perhaps even males twenty to fifty years her senior. Males who will consider raping “his” wife every night his “right” as husband, as patriarch of the family, no matter what he promises her family in advance.

There was a recent case just like this in Saudi Arabia – our supposed allies and best friends – where a man wanted to marry his eight-year-old daughter off to a man in his late forties as a way to pay off the father’s gambling debts!  The act of destroying a child’s physical, mental and emotional well-being in order to pay off gambling debts is perfectly legal in Saudi Arabia. The only reason the rest of us heard about it was that the child’s mother strenuously objected and took the almost unprecedented action of petitioning Saudi courts to have the heinous “marriage” blocked.

She lost.

However, we now learn that the 50-year-old man has agreed to divorce his 9-year-old wife after intense international pressure. He at first tried to smooth over the situation by promising to wait to consummate the marriage “until puberty” but has finally agreed to let her go free.

Until puberty?!? What does that mean in reality? That he has been raised in a culture that teaches him that as soon as a young girl has her first period, marital rape is OK. Let’s deconstruct that:

1) In my case I was a 12-year-old girl when my menses started – the average age when puberty begins in girls is 10 to 11;

2) Under Muslim religious law, a wife has no right to refuse her husband sex under any circumstances – there is no such thing as prosecution for rape within marriage;

3) It is impossible to even imagine a scenario where a ten- or eleven-year-old girl would be ready, willing and enthusiastic about sex with a 50-year-old man who procured her as a payment for gambling debts. Even if, by some bizarre result of grooming and bribery, she expressed interest, her lack of intellectual maturity and the tremendous power imbalance between them would make any sexual act de facto statutory rape.

Gender Myths: Fathers are the best people to arrange marriages for their daughters. Fathers always want what is best for their daughters and should be legally enabled to perform this vitally important function as the natural patriarch of the family.

Reality: Fathers are fallible human beings like the rest of us. They are very often the worst possible person to make critically important decisions for their daughters. In cultures where males are automatically anointed The Patriarch (because: male) and allowed wide leeway in making critically-important decisions for their chattel (wives and children), they very often make horribly ignorant, ill-informed, selfish, self-serving or downright cruel, brutal choices. The arranged marriages of small girls to males in their 40’s is not an accidental result within patriarchal societies – these marriages are the logical outcome we should expect when males are raised to value themselves so highly and females so little.

An honest assessment of human strengths and weaknesses makes it clear that human societies don’t need male priests or imams or lords making our decisions for us. We don’t need patriarchs. We need the rule of law, informed by input from all rational, competent adults – including free, educated females. All persons – male and female – should be raised from birth to expect that they will be exercising independent, ethical judgement in all important matters of their lives as their birthright.

Sex vs. Gender


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Before we start our conversation, we need to define some terms.

Sex is a biological reality. It is how animals reproduce. Our sex is determined at the time of conception. In all mammalian species, including ours (homo sapiens sapiens) members come in one of two sexes: female or male. Normal, healthy mammals have the capability to reproduce sexually. That is, we have the capacity to either bear live young from our bodies (females) or else we have the capacity to fertilize ovum (males.) This isn’t something we choose. Our sex is determined for us at conception as a result of two billion years of evolutionary biology on planet Earth.

Gender is sometimes used as a euphemism or as a synonym for a human being’s sex. I am not going to use it that way in this blog. In this blog, gender is the term I will use to refer to the social constructs which gendered societies overlay on reproductive sex, for example: masculine for biological males or feminine for biological females.

Sex is real. It is grounded in biological reality. It’s how we make babies. Sex is menstruation. Sex is ovulation of ovum. Sex is ejaculation of sperm. Sex is bone structure, hormones, organs, height, musculature, puberty, menopause, etc.

Gender is a social invention, something societies make up as we go along. Gender is pink for girls and blue for boys. Gender is high heels for wealthy males in the Versailles court of Louis XIV vs. high heels for female models on the runways of Paris in 2014. Gender is mascara for trans-women and motorcycle jackets for trans-men. Gender is “girls like dolls and boys like trucks”. Gender is “boys are good at math” in the United States and “girls are good at math” in Japan.

Sex propagates the species. Gender – for thousands of years – has been used as a tool for creating and maintaining a social hierarchy with men in a dominant role (“the head of the family”, “the man in charge”, “the king”, “the president”, “the chairman of the board”) and women in a subservient role (“the little woman”, “the helpmeet”, “the woman behind the throne”, “the housewife”.) Gender puts women into harems and gives men the key. Gender makes women and children chattel and men the chattel owners.

Patriarchal societies use gender to enforce a hierarchy with men in the role of patriarchs and women in the role of subservients.

For simplicity, I will refer to these societies collectively and the males who dominate women in them as the patriarchy.